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Assistant Director of People Operations

1 Hotel Haitang Bay
Sanya, China

1 Hotel Haitang Bay

294 Room Hotel

The ambitious property will be the first Chinese development for the brand, developed in partnership with Sunshine Insurance Group and designed by Oval Partnership. The hotel will feature 294 guestrooms and suites, 1 Hotels signature organic spa and expansive fitness center and pool. 

An on-site farm will be run and managed by the property, providing fresh and organic fruits and vegetables for the 15,000 square feet of signature restaurants and lounges, and more than 6,000 square feet of catering and meeting rooms.

Posted February 23, 2020

Love, Honor, Respect, Delight and Trust all stem from good people.

Job Summary:

Assist the Director of People Operations in the smooth and efficient running of People Operations Department.  Maintain a suitable climate of team member’s relations to achieve operating goals. Ensure all local and government legislation and People Operations Policy and Procedure is strictly adhered to. Coordinate with all departments to advise line management and team members on all People Operations matters.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Proved a professional, advisory and executive support service to the Director of People Operations to assist in strategic goals or the establishment.

Participate in the development and implementation of policies for the establishment.

Liaise with other Department Heads and make written recommendations requiring team membering levels and forwards to Director of People Operations for approval.

Insure efficient utilization of departmental resources.

Analyzes team member’s turnover ratio and advice and in cooperation with Director of People Operations.

Ensure orientation and inductions of new team members occur prior to the actual commencement of work if practical.

Follow SH Group standard procedures of the appointment of selected personnel.

Lead by example on leadership GSI achieving service excellence.

Encourage and support all training programs.

Encourage creativity and initiative.

Cooperate with other Department Heads in order to achieve service excellence with internal & external customers.

Advise Director of People Operations on all local Labor Law issues.

Contact with government agencies.

Assist in coordinating daily administration of the department.

Perform associated training duties in the absence of the Training Manager.

Assist Department Heads in maintaining current knowledge and understanding of contemporary Human Resource Issues.

Coordinate the screening of all applicants.

Assist in the formulation of People Operations / Training Strategies.

Assist in developing and maintaining an appropriate skills data base.

Develop individual training programs for team members according to job requirements with a view to multi-skill team members.

Liaise closely with local and federal industry bodies, unions and training authorities.

Ensure all team members are paid in line with their terms of employment.

Ensure all workers compensation claims and superannuation memberships are processed.

Coordinate work experience and rehabilitation programs.

Maintain relationship with appropriate authorities to ensure kept up to date on changes to regulations and opportunities to provide input.

Control setting of goals & objectives with the team members in every department and team members appraisals take place on regular basis.

Facilitate & organize ESI and the feedback.

Conduct and manage exit interview process and tracking.

Set up systems to monitor achievement of departmental goals and objectives.

Manage department strategic planning and development.

Manage the development of department operating plans and reports in order to improve strengths, overcome weaknesses and capture opportunities.

Institute suitable processes to allow for the efficient and effective utilization of the departmental resources.

Institute suitable processes to allow for introduction of managed change within the department

Design internal reporting systems required by the department.

Develop procedures for implementation and monitoring of reporting systems.

Ensure compliance with business operations laws.

Ensure compliance with hospitality operations laws.

Develop mission statements for the department.

Develop quality management systems.

Measure the quality of service.

Manage quality improvement.

Establish benchmarking for the hotel.

Insure quality services in Cafeteria, locker room, and every area that services the internal customer.

Update feedback on these services for the internal customer.

Involve internal customer in possible change.

Assist with the management of department finances.

Prepare and monitor accounts of the unit/outlet.

Assist in preparing and managing unit/outlet budgets.

Monitor, analyze and report variations from the budget.

Prepare unit/outlet performance reports.

Coordinate work operations within the department/unit/outlet.

Develop performance standards for operation in the department/unit/outlet.

Assess work operations and prepare plans to implement change when required.

Coordinate operations between other departments/units.

Monitor productivity of the unit.

Prevent and resolve grievances.

Counsel team members and prevent work related problems.

Resolve disputes.

Discipline team members.

Determine and plan for future team membering needs.

Recruit team members.

Prepare team members rosters.

Facilitate multiskilling.

Maintain up to date associate records.

Customize position profiles for your area of responsibility using the SH Group People Operations Management System.

Manage team members training and development using the SH Group People Operations Management System.

Assist with the planning and delivery of orientation programs.

Provide ongoing advice and support to team members under your supervision.

Supervise team member’s performance.

Implement appropriate management practices that provide team members motivation and communication.

Provide one to one instruction to team members when required.

In conjunction with the Safety / Security Manager manage the development and implementation of safety / security policies and procedures for the department/unit/outlet.

In conjunction with appropriate personnel manage the development and implementation of cleaning / maintenance programs for the department/unit/outlet.

Be aware of duty of care and adhere to occupational health and safety legislation, policies and procedures.

Initiate action to correct a hazardous situation and notify supervisors/managers of potential danger.

Adhere to the hotel’s security and emergency policies and procedures.

Be familiar with property safety, current first aid and fire emergency procedures.

Log security incidents and accidents in accordance with hotel requirement.

Ensure that heart of house is kept clean, safe and hygienic as front of the house.

Conduct heart of house inspections & advise Director of People Operations.

Oversee and manage the operation of the associate dormitory.

Prepare and conduct meetings and group presentations to keep team members/management /other parties informed of hotel operations and other relevant issues.

Plan team systems and structures.

Set team goals in consultation with team members according to hotel/department goal, policies and practices.

Manage cross cultural communication.

Maintain personal presentation to hotel based on brand and hotel standards.

Demonstrate professional attitude and behavior at all times.

Analyze, evaluate and improve your personal performance on a continual basis.

Apply hotel quality assurance principles.

Abide by the SH Group Code of Conduct.

Abide by the SH Group team members Handbook.

Abide by both the hotel and SH Group & hotel policies and procedures.

Interact with department and hotel team members in a professional and positive manner to foster good rapport, promote team spirit and ensure effective two-way communication.

Deal effectively with guests and workplace colleagues from a variety of cultures work effectively in a team.

Prepare and maintain files, reports, letters, memorandums and other relevant business documentation.

Ensure all reporting and servicing deadlines are met in a timely basis.

Implement SH Group Safe Food & Hygiene Standards Manual, take relevant responsible and implement & support in hotel internal Safe food & Hygiene initiatives.

Carry out other tasks as directed by your supervisors.

Job Knowledge / Skill:

Fluent in written and spoken English.

Excellent knowledge of local labor laws.

Good relationship with the local labor bureau and government agencies.

Leadership and management skills

Additional Skill required:

Good communication skill, self-motivated.

Computer literacy.

Good skills of organization and presentation.