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Assistant Loss Prevention Manager

1 Hotel Haitang Bay
Sanya, China

1 Hotel Haitang Bay

294 Room Hotel

The ambitious property will be the first Chinese development for the brand, developed in partnership with Sunshine Insurance Group and designed by Oval Partnership. The hotel will feature 294 guestrooms and suites, 1 Hotels signature organic spa and expansive fitness center and pool. 

An on-site farm will be run and managed by the property, providing fresh and organic fruits and vegetables for the 15,000 square feet of signature restaurants and lounges, and more than 6,000 square feet of catering and meeting rooms.

Posted February 27, 2020

Job Summary:

Assist Loss Prevention Manager to manage ordinary security work in hotel. Manage, inspect, urge the duty of underlying security, guard hotel property and guest property and personal safety. Conduct the inspection of the fire facilities’ operation, and carry out the fire training plan and fire facilities examine and maintaining procedure.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Supervise the Loss Prevention departmental operations, ensuring adequate patrol patterns and frequencies are maintained to ensure the safety and security of guests and team members.

Responsible for checking all fire, life & safety equipment is within the expiry limits.

Liaise with the Chief Engineer in regards to practical training of team members in elements of fire fighting, safety inspections, evacuation drills etc. Ensure regular training sessions are held with the hotel’s fire fighting team to establish & maintain required skill level.

Ensure prompt reporting of maintenance issues by Loss Prevention officers as they record them during their patrols

Conduct random bag inspections of team members entering and leaving the building. Ensure asset removal policy is adhered to, to prevent hotel assets being removed from the hotel without the proper authority.

Follow prescribed practices to ensure theft and pilferage of goods is minimized.

Provide escort services for team members carrying cash, where required.

Maintain perimeter patrols at points of entry and egress to ensure that all people within the hotel environs have a genuine purpose to be there and are not loitering or are present for other reasons.

Carry out random checks to ensure master keys which have been issued are all accounted for and in the possession of the team member who have accepted responsibility for them.

Conduct random inspections of the hotel to ensure that safety and security work is implemented such as Fire exits are not blocked, equipment is not obstructing fire hose reel doors, clearance between stacked goods and sprinkler heads is sufficient etc.

Counsel, train and maintain the morale of the Loss Prevention team members to ensure they are performing to the standard required.

Ensure a member of the department is in attendance at all Loss Prevention related incidents within the hotel. Review reports submitted and conduct a follow up investigation to uncover how the accident/incident occurred, the person responsible (taking necessary further action) and how this can be prevented in the future.

Ensure compliance with business operations laws.

Establish an image in keeping with 1 Hotel expectations.

Develop and review performance standards for operations in the department.

Coordinate operations within and between other departments/units and cultivate good working relations.

Monitor productivity of the unit.

Manage training of team members and development using the 1 Hotel People Operations Management System. Ensure that a planned training business plan is in place and regular training is carried out on a one-on-one or group basis.

Assist with the planning and delivery of orientation programs for all new team members.

Conform to SH Group service standard in work.

Take appropriate action to resolve guest complaints. Communicate with guests in a manner which promotes goodwill, trust and satisfaction.

Be familiar with current first aid and fire emergency procedures and ensure all Security team members are ready to respond as per established procedures.

Ensure a high level of cleanliness & tidiness is maintained in the work area. Maintain personal presentation standards to hotel and 1 Hotel standards. Demonstrate professional attitude and behavior at all times.

Abide by the hotel Policies and Procedures, 1 Hotel Code of Conduct and the 1 Deal Employee Handbook.

Interact with department and hotel team members in a professional and positive manner to foster good rapport, promote team spirit and ensure effective two-way communication.

Maintain files, reports, letters, memorandums and other relevant business documentation.

Ensure all reporting and servicing deadlines are met on a timely basis.

Responsible for establishing and maintaining good working connections and relations with the PSB.

Carry out other tasks as directed by Loss Prevention Manager.

Job Knowledge / Skill:

A comprehensive grasp fire control, security, professional knowledge and skills